Visitors in Down

Our down guests have returned for their winter-long retreat on the banks of the Metolius River.  Through the spring, the Canada Goose can be found with its lifelong mate, paddling across the crystal-clear river and waddling through the tall grass. These couples have been coming back to the meadow at House on Metolius for years—to rest and enjoy winter's tranquility before the new members of their family arrive in spring.


Central Oregon has a growing population of permanent resident geese which increases during winter migration. Canada Geese are found in a variety of habitats near water and meadows where there is plenty of food and open air to stretch their wings, and our pairs find just that here on the two hundred acres of private nature preserve. And while the Canada goose can be a bit overabundant in certain areas, the location population of predators keeps our goose population at a healthy level.


During the winter, the geese are busy preparing a suitable nest for the next generation of gosling guests, and by April, new life will emerge in the meadow, with spring daffodils providing a welcoming prelude. It is all but impossible not to smile when a determined gaggle parades down to the water behind their parents. In the weeks that follow their birth, the goslings will paddle through the natural springs and up and down the Metolius, and will often stroll through the meadow in pods. Occasionally, other young animals will take an interest, although this is not always a grave threat.


Come join us here at House on Metolius—for a winter getaway, or to enjoy the delights of spring. Book online or call us at 541.595.6620.